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Best Dog Food To Choose

Learn about the best quality and healthy foods required by dogs for a better living. There are various ingredients that should be constituted in a dog’s best food. Avoid buying dog foods which contain harmful ingredients that are not healthy for dogs. Always check the ingredients used in manufacturing the dog’s food before purchasing it.

Learn about the wrong ingredients that can be used in making dog’s food so that you can choose the best food for your dog. Corrupt elements in a dog’s food cause health issues to the dog which will lead you to incur extra costs for treating the dog.

Avoid foods with unspecified proteins like corn, wheat, and soy. Also, avoid products manufactured from China and rendering plants. Do not include onions, avocados, and garlic in your dog’s diet. Proteins such as beef, chicken, liver, and fish are suitable for a dog. Best dog food should also include certified organics and vitamins C &E.

There are various species of dogs which require different types of foods and nutrients. To know the kind of breed of your dog before purchasing its food. Purchase foods that are needed for the species for complete and balanced nutrition.

Best food of a dog is also determined by the age and stage of the dog and even its health. Veterinary doctor helps you find out the best food for your dog. When a dog has some health issues, it will need food with specific supplements to improve its health.

Dogs also have different types of foods that they eat after reaching a different stage in their life. They require different kinds of supplements in their body as they grow up for balancing their nutrients and healthy living. Best dog food should also have supplements that ease the digestion process in a dog.

The Benefits Of A Raw Pet Food Diet

Several pet owners are slowly realizing the fact that raw pet food can be a healthy food options for their pets and also delicious at the same time. But quite a few dog owners are still not certain about letting their pet feed on fruits, raw meats, vegetables and bones, especially after having made their dogs accustomed to processed and packaged pet foods. In this article, we present to you views of certain experts on raw pet food's advantages and disadvantages.

Where Did This Diet Originate From

A diet of bones and raw food - known by the acronym BARF - was originally only fed to racing greyhounds until a vet, Ian Billinghurst suggested in the 1930s that the diet would be suitable for any dog. It's also been pointed out that BARF can just as appropriately stand for biologically appropriate raw food.

Why Did People Believe Pets Would Benefit From A Raw Pet Food Diet

According to Billinghurst, dogs would grow healthily if they were given a diet that had its origins in the time when dogs had only a particular type of food to eat and no true alternatives. He added that a dog would remain truly healthy in case the pet had a diet comprising vegetables, fruits and raw meat. Dogs that depended on the every day, more common, domesticated diet would simply won't be as healthy.

What is the controversy about this type of diet?

Just like any other kind of diet, there are pros and cons surrounding the raw pet food diet. Some experts believe that the right way to feed your dog is to feed them packaged dog food. Then there are experts that believe the only true healthy way to feed your dog is via the raw pet food diet. Below are the pros and cons of the diet:

Pros of the diet:

• A shinier and healthier skin and coat
• Better looking teeth and cleaner teeth
• Increased energy levels
• Shorter bowel movements

If you want your dog to have cleaner and better-looking teeth, skin and coat, as well as shorter bowel movements and more energy, then consider putting them on a raw diet.

Cons of the diet:

• Bacteria may be present in raw meat
• Dogs can easily choke if they eat a whole bone
• An unbalanced diet can be harmful to your dog if maintained over a longer period.

If any of those disadvantages are too much for you to handle, then don't consider putting them on the diet.

Dog owners should carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding to give their dog raw food. The raw pet food diet might be good for most dogs, but it isn't a one-size fit all kind of diet. You want to make the right choice for your pet, therefore you should take the time to do additional research on the All natural dog food diet.

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